Virgil Tracy is the third eldest of theTracy brothers, and pilot of Thunderbird 2. Virgil was born on the 15 August 2038 and is twenty-seven years old. Virgil graduated from Denver School of Advanced Technology. This makes him the ideal pilot for Thunderbird 2 and its numerous pod vehicles with his experience and mechanical dexterity.


Virgil is the most mature and cultured of all the Tracy brothers as he is both a gifted artist and a pianist.

Virgil has a great sense of humour, He and Alan are always cooking up pratical jokes between them on the other Tracy family.


Virgil is named after Astronaut Virgil Grissom, from the Liberty Bell 7 Mercury mission.


At first, David Holliday provided the voice of Virgil in the first series, but in the two Thunderbirds films and the second season, Jeremy Wilkin provided Virgil's voice.