I dunno why, but I recently have the animation vibe. I recently found some software on my PC that I hadn't used for ages, that's pretty nifty at creating 2D animations.

So, what better way to use it than to make some Supermarionation animations?

Supermarioanimation! Yeah, I know. Bit of a mouthful, but HEY? who cares?

I'm currently just making everyone from various photos I've taken myself, and some I've "stolen" off the various wikis we've worked on.

First up: Virgil. I'll post a pic when I'm done.

Stay tuned for more updates!


p.s. Please feel free to leave a comment if you want to see your favourite characters do something really weird. I can do Scott Tracy flying around in some Spectrum jet, or Troy Tempest getting minimized. And I can do character requests.

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