Four Feather Falls:
Trouble in Yellow Gulch
Season 1, Episode 2
Original Transmission Thursday, March 3rd 1960 5:00pm
Written by Phil Wrestler
Directed by Gerry Anderson
Edited by Burt Rule
Production Order
Pedro Has a Plan
Broadcast Order
How It Began

Trouble In Yellow Gulch is the 10th Production episode and the 2nd Broadcast episode of the series Four Feather Falls.


Pedro and Fernando buy Yellow Gulch, a path that leads into Four Feather Falls and begin to cause problem with the people.


Pedro and Fernando have used all their money to buy Yellow Gulch, one of only two paths that lead to Four Feather Falls. They both know that no one is going to go through the other path, Black Boulder Canyon, because it is too dangerous, so they will charge people to come through Yellow Gulch.

Soon Grandpa Twink and Ma Jones come by and are told to pay up by Pedro and Fernando. However they refuse and they go through Black Boulder Canyon. The reason it is called Black Boulder Canyon is because a precariously perched Black Boulder lies on top of a cliff above the canyon.

Once they arrive at Four Feather Falls, they tell Sheriff Tex of what’s happened.

Pedro and Fernando soon find there are no people going through Yellow Gulch. So Pedro comes up with a plan. They head into town were they steal a crate of dynamite from Ma Jones.

Once Ma Jones discovers the crate missing she tells the Sheriff. He can tell it was Pedro and Fernando because Fernando left his cigar behind.

Pedro and Fernando have placed the dynamite under Black Boulder itself. Once they detonate it, the boulder will role down into the canyon and block the path. Forcing people to use Yellow Gulch,.

The Sheriff has been listening, so he quickly defuses the dynamite and replaces it under the boulder.

He gets Pedro and Fernando’s attention and he fires at the crate causing the boulder to come crashing down into Yellow Gulch.


Regular CastEdit

  • Sheriff Tex Tucker — Nicholas Parsons
  • Rocky - Kenneth Connor
  • Dusty — Kenneth Connor
  • Grandpa Twink — David Graham
  • Martha "Ma" Jones - Denise Bryer
  • Pedro — Kenneth Connor

Guest Voice CastEdit


  • A real hand can be seen holding the hammer to put a nail in the sign.
  • Prospector Bill Asher previously appeared in Dusty Becomes Deputy, where he was voiced by David Graham.

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