Trapped In The Sky
Season 1, Episode 1
Trapped in the Sky 01
Original Transmission September 30, 1965
Written by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson
Directed by Alan Pattillo
Edited by Len Walter
Alan Pattillo
Production Order
Pit Of Peril
Broadcast Order
Pit Of Peril

Trapped in the Sky is the 1st produced and 1st broadcast episode from the television series Thunderbirds.

Episode GuideEdit

The Hood places a bomb aboard an airliner in order to be able to photograph the Thunderbirds craft as they attempt to rescue it. International Rescue must simultaneously save Tin-Tin, who is aboard the airline, and thwart the Hood's devious plans.


Regular CastEdit

Guest Voice ActorsEdit

  • Assistant Controller — Ray Barrett
  • Lieutenant Bob Meddings — David Graham
  • Harris — Ray Barrett
  • TX 204 Pilot — Ray Barrett
  • TX 204 Co-Pilot — Shane Rimmer
  • Interceptor One — Peter Dyneley
  • Airport Police — David Graham
  • Air Terrainean Guide — Sylvia Anderson
  • Fireflash Passenger — David Graham
  • Crash Tenders — David Graham
  • Doctor — David Graham
  • Tannoy - Christine Finn

Equipment UsedEdit

International RescueEdit

  • TB 1
  • TB2 (Pod 3) Elevator Cars
  • TB5

Non-International Rescue Equipment UsedEdit

  • Fireflash
  • TX 204 (Target-carrying Aircraft)
  • UN10 Fighter Jet
  • Commercial Fire Trucks


  • This episode has no on-screen title but is referred to in all production documentation by the title of the shooting script - Trapped In The Sky.
  • The arrangement of the music on the main titles and end credit sequences is unique to this episode and sound effects are heard in the episode montage during the opening titles.
  • Air Terrainean's Lieutenant "Bob Meddings" is named after Thunderbirds Art Director Bob Bell and visual effects supervisor Derek Meddings.
  • Fireflash is the only non-International Rescue vehicle to appear in the series' end titles. The airliner is seen again in Operation Crash-Dive, The Impostors, The Man From MI.5, The Duchess Assignment and Security Hazard.
  • Commander Norman makes further appearances in Operation Crash-Dive, Edge Of Impact, Security Hazard and Alias Mr. Hackenbacker.
  • Captain Hanson is seen again in Operation Crash-Dive, The Impostors, The Duchess Assignment and Security Hazard.
  • Trapped In The Sky was adapted for audio on the Century 21 Mini-Album Thunderbird 1 (MA 108, 1966) narrated by Shane Rimmer as Scott Tracy.
  • The Episode later appears in the compilation film Thunderbirds to the Rescue along with "Operation Crash-Dive". During the Fireflash landing scene, music bits from Pit of Peril are used in between music pieces.


  • During the lounge scene, when Alan speaks his short single line of dialogue, "OK father," it is noticeable that his voice is completely different from his voice in the rest of the series. This is because during the first episode he was voiced by Ray Barrett, as Matt Zimmerman had not been hired at the time (regardless of this he still appears in the credits)
  • While The Hood is taking exterior photos of Thunderbird 1, the "T" of Thunderbird is painted on the nose cone, while all other exterior shots show the nose cone is clear of markings.
  • Near the end of the episode, the doctor visits Tracy Island to check up on Kyrano. When the doctor approaches the lounge, the Tracy brothers commence "Operation Coverup", an emergency device which switches the pictures of the brothers on the wall from their uniformed pictures to their civilian pictures. However, during some shots the uniformed pictures can be still seen, despite the presence of the doctor.
  • The iconic scene where Virgil's elevator car swerves off the runway was originally a mistake on the behalf of the production team. However, Derek Meddings liked the effect so much he decided to keep it in the final cut of the episode.

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