Torchy the Battery Boy
Released by AP Films
Producer Roberta Leigh
DirectorGerry Anderson
Director of PhotographyArthur Provis
Art DirectorReginald E.Hill
Music DirectorBarry Gray
Special EffectsDerick Meddings
MediumBlack and White
Episodes 52 (2 Seasons of 26)
Duration13 Minutes
Original Air Date1960
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The Adventures of Twizzle Four Feather Falls

Torchy The Battery Boy was the second television series of 15 minute shows produced by AP Films and directed by Gerry Anderson. It was another collaboration with author Roberta Leigh (a.k.a. Janey Scott Lewin), who also co-produced with Anderson, with music arranged by Barry Gray (collaborating Leigh), art direction from Reg Hill and special effects by Derek Meddings. The second series of 26 episodes were produced by Associated British Pathe, but Anderson and AP Films were not involved in their production. However, the puppets and music were unconditionally donated. The series aired from 1957 - 1958

Torchy, Torchy, the Battery Boy!]]The series followed adventures of the eponymous boy doll with a battery inside him and a lamp in his head, and his master Mr. Bumbledrop, voiced by Kenneth Connor (who is probably best known for being a member of the Carry On ensemble cast), also voiced a number of other characters. Puppetry was still fairly crude then and their strings are easily visible, unlike later Anderson Supermarionation shows.

Series OverviewEdit

Mr. Bumbledrop was a toy inventor, who loved to have children play at his house with their toys. One day, the naughty children decided to tie all the toys to kites, and a strong gust of wind blew all the toys away. Without children at play, Mr. Bumbledrop invents his own; a toy boy by the name of Torchy.

Regular Voice CastEdit

  • Narrator - Jill Reaymond
  • Various Characters - Patricia Somerset

Episode listEdit

(First Season)

  1. Pom-Pom And The Toys
  2. Topsy Turvy Land
  3. Torchy And Squish
  4. The Building Of Frutown
  5. Torchy And The Broken Rocket
  6. King Dithers
  7. Torchy Goes Back To Earth
  8. Bossy Boots Goes To Topsy Turvy Land
  9. Bossy Boots Is Taught A Lesson
  10. A Bell For A Penny Farthing
  11. A Trick On Pom-Pom
  12. Torchy Is Stolen
  13. King Dithers Loses His Crown
  14. Pilliwig Gets A Present
  15. Bad Boy Bogey
  16. Torchy And The Strange Animal
  17. Bossy Boots Forgets To Be Good
  18. Hungry Money Box
  19. The Naughty Twins
  20. The Twins Learn A Lesson
  21. King Dithers Goes Down To Earth
  22. Torchy Escapes At Last
  23. Torchy And The Man In The Moon
  24. Bogey And The Statues
  25. The Moon Falls Asleep
  26. Torchy's Birthday

(Second Season)

  1. Flopsy Goes On A Picnic
  2. Torchy Gets A Surprise
  3. Banana Bridge
  4. King Dithers And Daffy
  5. The Toys Get The Collywobbles
  6. Bogey Learns Another Lesson
  7. The Pollikan Bird Is Stolen
  8. Torchy Has An Accident
  9. Sparky The Dragon
  10. Bogey Is Naughty Again
  11. Pilliwig Cleans The Chimney
  12. Pongo The Pirate
  13. Pongo In The Goldmine
  14. King Dithers' Birthday
  15. Washing Day In Topsy Turvy Land
  16. Gluebell Wood
  17. Squish Falls Down A Well
  18. Flopsy In Trouble
  19. The Big Storm
  20. Daffy's Birthday
  21. Flopsy Makes A Christmas Pudding
  22. Gilly Golly In Trouble
  23. King Bumble Drop
  24. A New Suit For Pilliwig
  25. The Obstinate Donkey
  26. Pom-Pom Gets The Hiccups



  • Torchy the battery boy was the first Gerry Anderson series to include space travel, which would not be fully present until later Supermarionation series such as Supercar & Fireball XL5.
  • The rocket takeoff, made using a sparkler, was the first pyrotechnic effect in a Gerry Anderson series.
  • Both seasons are now available on DVD.

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