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Tin-Tin Kyrano is the daughter of Kyrano, and is also Jeff Tracy's secretary and Brains' assistant, as well as Alan Tracy's love interest.


Tintin looks hot as she waits to board the always-reliable "Fireflash."


Tin-Tin, a twenty-two-year-old Malayan girl, is the daughter of Kyrano, Mr Jeff Tracy's manservant. She received an education in the USA and Europe, Mr Tracy paying all expenses in gratitude for Kyrano's loyal and devoted services.

After completing her studies, Tin-Tin joined International Rescue as an active member of the organisation. With her degrees in higher mathematics and advanced technical theory and engineering, she can work closely with International Rescue's engineer and scientist, Brains.

She checks all the Thunderbird machines and does all maintenance on them- with her skill and knowledge she has repaid Jeff Tracy over and over again for his generosity in paying for her schooling.

Feminine and sweet, and yet highly intelligent, Tin-Tin is a true credit to International Rescue, proving that women can be a great asset to such an important organisation.

Tin-Tin has a definite fondness for Alan Tracy.

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