The White Line
Season 1, Episode 26
The white line
Original Transmission Saturday, August 6th 1961 5:40pm
Written by Martin And Hugh Woodhouse
Directed by Alan Pattillo
Edited by Gordon Davie
Production Order
The Magic Carpet
Supercar "Take One"
Broadcast Order
The Tracking Of Masterspy
The Runaway Train

The White Line is the 25th produced episode and the 26th broadcast episode of the British television series Supercar.


Scotland Yard call in the Supercar team to help solve a series of bank and armoured car robberies. The team discover that two Chicago gangsters, Joe and Maxie Hoyle, are behind it all and soon Dr. Beaker is sent out with an armoured car as bait. Mike Mercury and Supercar are nearly captured by the Hoyles, but Mitch helps them escape and they race to help Beaker who is nearly caught in their trap of faked road lines. In their panic to escape, the Hoyles are caught in their own trap!


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