Secret service

The Secret Service was a unique blend of live action and Supermarionation originally shown on three ITV regions in 1969 - ATV, Granada & Southern. Unfortunately only 13 episodes were ever made - it was cancelled by Lew Grade. The reason given was Americans wouldn't be able to understand the strange gobbledegook language spoken by Father Unwin - which missed the point entirely!

Set in present day (1969) Britain and working for B.I.S.H.O.P (British Intelligence Service Headquarters Operation Priest) Father Stanley Unwin and his gardener Matthew Harding led a double life. In reality they were both secret agents and they made quite a team. Using a unique device called the The Minimizer Father Unwin could reduce Matthew down to one-third normal size and he would then be transported around in a special case.

Father Unwin drove around in a yellow vintage 1917 Model T Ford named Gabriel with Matthew in tow. With his reduced stature Matthew could enter aeroplanes, tanks and cars without being seen.

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