Fireball XL5:
The Robot Freighter Mystery
Season 1, Episode 27
The Robot Freighter Mystery
Original Transmission 28 April 1963
Written by Alan Fennell
Directed by David Elliott
Production Order
Drama At Space City
Broadcast Order
The Granatoid Tanks
Whistle For Danger

The Robot Freighter Mystery is the 29th produced episode and the 27th Broadcast episode of the series Fireball XL5


Someone is sabotaging robot freighters and Commander Zero and Steve Zodiac suspect the Briggs Brothers of the Space Salvage Company. Steve discovers that Jock's new assistant, Edmundo, is planting bombs in a freighter and duly handcuffs him there. He then forces the Briggs Brothers to he freighter and handcuffs them as well. He tells them that a bomb has been put in the ship and will go off if they don't confess. With only thirteen seconds left Edmundo confesses. But the bomb isn't a bomb at all, just a music box.

Regular Voice CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

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