The Protectors is the second live action thriller television series created by Gerry Anderson, Produced by ITC Entertainment in 1971 -1973 and aired from 1972 - 1974. Guest appearances were often made by prominent actors of that period. Lew Grade gave Anderson the outline to create a series, the first series of 26 episodes was successful and Anderson was tasked with a second, which also ran for 26 episodes, each show ran for 25 mins; a third series was on the table at some stage, but was withdrawn.

Cyril Frankel, Harry Booth, Michael Lindsay-Hogg & Robert Vaughn

Regular CastEdit

Not all regulars were in every episode and Vaughan was absent from at least one.


Three inexplicably affluent international private detectives/troubleshooters who were charged with ensuring the protection of innocents. They belonged to an organization called The Protectors and were based in London. Harry lead the group, The Contessa lived in Italy (when she wasn't working with Harry); She ran her own detective agency that specialized in exposing art frauds and recovering stolen art. Paul Buchet worked out of Paris, and was the group's researcher and gadget specialist. Adventures ranged from simple kidnapping to convoluted cases of international intrigue. These characters were all wealthy and drove exotic cars of the era including the Citroën SM and Jensen Interceptor. >

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. 2000 ft To Die
  2. Brother Hood
  3. Disappearing Trick
  4. Your Witness
  5. The Quick Brown Fox
  6. The Numbers Game
  7. Triple Cross
  8. A Kind Of Wild Justice
  9. One And One Makes One
  10. See No Evil
  11. Balance Of Terror
  12. King Con
  13. The Big Hit
  14. Thinkback
  15. The First Circle
  16. Chase
  17. ...With A Little Help From My Friends
  18. For The Rest Of Your Natural...
  19. The Bodyguards
  20. Talkdown
  21. A Case For The Right
  22. A Matter Of Life And Death
  23. It Could Be Practically Anywhere On The Island
  24. Vocal
  25. It Was All Over In Leipzig
  26. Ceremony For The Dead

Series 2Edit

  1. Bagman
  2. The Bridge
  3. Fighting Fund
  4. Quin
  5. Lena
  6. Goodbye George
  7. Implicado
  8. The Last Frontier
  9. Baubles Bangles And Beads
  10. Petard
  11. Burning Bush
  12. Border Line
  13. WAM Part One
  14. WAM Part Two
  15. Dragon Chase
  16. Zeke's Blues
  17. Decoy
  18. A Pocketful Of Posies
  19. Shadbolt
  20. Sugar And Spice
  21. Blockbuster
  22. Wheels
  23. The Tiger And The Goat
  24. The Insider
  25. Trial
  26. Route 27

Regular LocationsEdit

  • Edgwarebury Hotel, Elstree, Hertfordshire, UK.
  • Barnet Lane, Elstree, Hertfordshire
  • High Canons, Well End, Hertfordshire, UK
  • 2 Courtfield Mews, Sth Kensington, London, UK

Sound TrackEdit

  • Music Composed and Directed by John Cameron
  • Theme Music & Lyrics by Mitch Murray & Peter Callender
  • In the Avenues and Alley Ways - Tony Christie (reissued in 2000)

Home ReleaseEdit

  • Released to region 2 DVD in 2003
  • North American DVD
    • Season 1 September 2003
    • Season 2 May 2004.


  • The series was shot on 16mm film rather than the usual 35mm, despite its exotic capital and major city locations, as well as its affluent characters
  • The series was unusual for Anderson in that it did not entail any significant Sci-fi or special effects.
  • Nyree Dawn Porter's role was originaly to have been a male character.

Alleged Dissent [1]Edit

  • Anderson claimed Vaughn acted like a Hollywood prima donna and refused to get on with the other actors.
  • Vaughn claimed that he felt the series was "tasteless junk", and that he couldn't understand the scripts either before or during shooting.
  • Vaughn was given the opportunity to direct one episode himself - #23 in production order,
  • Grade called it the worst episode he'd ever seen of anything.


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