The Perils of Penelope
Season 1, Episode 3
Perils of Penelope
Original Transmission October 14, 1965
Written by Alan Pattillo
Directed by Alan Pattillo &
Desmond Saunders
Production Order
Pit of Peril
Terror In New York City
Broadcast Order
Brink Of Disaster
Terror In New York City

The Perils Of Penelope is an episode from the Thunderbirds television series.


Professor Borender, creator of a new rocket fuel from sea water, used to power the SUN PROBE on its historic solar flight, disappears from a monotrain during a journey from Paris to Anderbad. Internatioanl Rescue's Sir Jeremy Hodge calls in Lady Penelope to help find his friend and they meet in a Parisian cafe when Penelope narrowly avoids drinking poisioned Pernod. The culprit leaves behing a matchbook emblazoned with a heraldic crest, but when they try to locate the crest in the Heraldic Archive, Penelope and Sir Jeremy are trapped in the masement of the evil Dr. Godber as gas is pumped in. Rescued by Parker in FAB1, Penelope and Sir Jeremy are retrace Borender's steps by taking the express monotrain to Anderbad, but Godber arranges a power failure as the train enters the tunnel and kidnaps them both. Taking them to his tunnel hideout, he tries to force Sir Jeremy and Borender to reveal the secrets of their process by tying Penelope to a ladder and lowering her into the path of the Anderbad Express!

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