The Launching is an episode from the Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons television series.


Mervin Brand, a reporter for The Tribute newspaper, is killed in his jet by lightning while en route to the press conference with President Roberts. When reconstructed promptly by the Mysterons, so Tribute Control don't suspect that the real Mervin Brand has crashed and died, the Mysteron Brand continues his flight to the press conference, but is stopped by the Angels who have strict instructions to attack & destroy any aircraft violating the restricted airspace over the President's residence, due to his life being under siege by the Mysterons. His arrogance and egotism don't help matters, as he believes the enemies preparing to kill him will not achieve their latest ploy of revenge, and ignores the fact that the Mysterons killed the Director-General of the United Asian Republic. Spectrum continue to pursue his residence, but when the President reveals the new atomic-liner ship, built by the Trans-Pacific Shipping Corporation, is being named after him and is set to be released from port today, Captain Scarlet grasps that the Mysterons intend to destroy the "President Roberts" ship, and not the man himself.


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