Fireball XL5:
The Granatiod Tanks
Season 1, Episode 26
The Granatoid Tanks
Original Transmission 21 April 1963
Written by Alan Fennell
Directed by Alan Pattillo
Production Order
The Forbidden Planet
Dangerous Cargo
Broadcast Order
The Robot Freighter Mystery

The Granatoid Tanks is the 26th produced episode and the 20th Broadcast episode of the series Fireball XL5


Dr. Baker and Dr. Simpson have just finished their experiments on the glass- surfaced Planet 73. Suddenly, they discover that six Granatoid tanks (hostile robots) are coming towards the base and they send a message for help to Space City. Aboard Fireball XL5 the crew discover that Ma Doughty, owner of the Space City Music Shop, has stowed away. They reach Planet 73 and when Ma Doughtey appears the tanks retreat. She is wearing perils made from the rare mineral plyton, one only thing the Granatoid tanks fear!

Regular Voice CastEdit

Guest CastEdit


  • Granatoid Robots


  • Planet 73

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