Fireball XL5:
The Forbidden Planet
Season 1, Episode 20
The Forbidden Planet
Original Transmission 10 March 1963
Written by Anthony Marriott
Directed by David Elliot
Production Order
Robert To The Rescue
The Granatoid Tanks
Broadcast Order
Prisoner On The Lost Planet
Robert To The Rescue

The Forbidden Planet is the 25th produced episode and the 20th Broadcast episode of the series Fireball XL5


An ultrascope, which can look into deep space, picks up the planet Nutopia which is said to be the perfect planet. Two Nutopians use their travel transmitter to capture Professor Matic and his assistant Dr Stamp, and then Steve Zodiac and Venus. On Nutopia the two aliens, Privator and Perfectos, both want to keep Venus as their eternal companion. A duel follows which leads to them both being rendered helpless, which enables Steve and his friends to return to the Space Observatory.

Regular Voice CastEdit

Guest CastEdit


  • Nutopians


  • Nutopia


  • The Earth Television announcer reveals that the year is Universal Astronomic Year 2062.
  • When the transmission from the observatory fails, it is replaced by "a short film" (actually footage from the Four Feather Falls episode Ambush).

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