The Dragon Of Ho Meng
Season 1, Episode 21
Original Transmission 17 June 1961
Written by Unknown (credited as Martin And Hugh Woodhouse)
Directed by David Elliot
Edited by Bill Harris
Production Order
Crash Landing
The Lost City
Broadcast Order
Trapped In The Depths
The Magic Carpet

The Dragon Of Ho Meng is the 22nd produced episode and the 21st broadcast episode of the British television series Supercar.


Forced down by a typhoon Mike, Jimmy and Mitch come across Ho Meng and his daughter, Lotus Blossom, who look upon Supercar as a dragon. Mike takes Ho Meng for a ride which rids him of his fears. Ho Meng and Lotus Blossom are the caretakers of an ancient temple, but soon Mike, Jimmy, Mitch and the girl are imprisoned in it by Mr. Fang who plans to blow it up while in search of treasure. Mitch comes to the rescue, he finds an escape route and foils Mr. Fang's plans by tampering with the explosives.


Regular Voice CastEdit

Guest Voice CastEdit


Ho Meng and Lotus Blossom


Mr Fang

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