The Secret Service:
The Deadly Whisper
Season 1, Episode 9
The Deadly Whisper
Original Transmission 16 November 1969
Written by Donald James
Directed by Leo Eaton
Production Order
The Cure
May-Day, May-Day!
Broadcast Order
Errand Of Mercy
School For Spies

Father Unwin becomes suspicious when a friend who has previously been a prize-winning rose-grower suddenly changes to dahlias. He soon discovers that a sonic rifle he has invented is to be used against a new jet fighter.

Father Unwin causes the plan to rebound on the captors by arranging for a hypersonic aircraft to fly over the area, creating a sonic boom which destroys the rifle.

Regular Voice CastEdit

Guest Voice CastEdit

Cameo RolesEdit

Equipment UsedEdit

  • Jet Fighter
  • Hypersonic aircraft


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