Tex Tucker
Tex Tucker
Gender Male Cowboy
Series Four Feather Falls
RoleSheriff of Four Feather Falls
CompanionsRocky (Horse)
Dusty (dog)
Voice ActorNicholas Parsons
Singing Voice ActorMichael Holliday

Tex Tucker was the main character is the series Four Feather Falls.


Travelling across the desert lands with his two friends Rocky the Horse and Dusky the Dog, he came across a small Indian boy who had became lost.

Magically an Indian Chief appeared. He thanked Tex for finding his son and in reward he gave Tex food and water. He also gave him four magic feathers. The first one gave his horse the ability to speak. The second one gave his dog the ability to speak as well. The other two gave him the power to fire his guns without even touching them.

With these feathers he is able to stop villainous people such Pedro from terrorizing the town of Four Feather Falls.

Tex Tucker (1)

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