Subterranean Sea
Season 1, Episode 4
Subterranean sea
Original Transmission 25 October 1964
Written by Alan Fennell
Directed by Desmond Sauders
Production Order
Emergency Marineville
Loch Ness Monster
Broadcast Order
The Ghost Ship
Loch Ness Monster

Subterranean Sea is an episode from the Stingray TV series.


When the Stingray crew has their holiday abruptly cancelled, they set off to probe the ocean depths. Troy and his friends soon discover a deep undersea shaft, which leads them to a desert-like plateau; however, while they are investigating their surroundings a huge wall of water appears and transforms the desert into an underground sea. As the waters to threaten to drown them, Troy, Phones and Marina desperately swim against the tide, but will they reach Stingray in time...?

Regular Voice CastEdit

Guest Voice CastEdit

WASP Equipment UsedEdit

  • Stingray

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