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"Stand by for action! We are about to launch Stingray! Anything can happen in the next half hour!"

Stingray is a science-fiction television programme; it had a run of 39 episodes during the mid-1960s. It was the third of Gerry Anderson's Supermarionation shows and his first show to be filmed in Videcolor. The show follows the adventures of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASP), focussing on the exploits of Aquanaut Troy Tempest, captain of the underwater craft Stingray, and his crew.

Other main characters were Commander Sam Shore, Phones Sheridan, Atlanta Shore, Lieutenant Fisher and a beautiful mute girl from under the sea called Marina. Also seen was the evil Titan, his sidekick X20 and the Aquaphibians, who were the main enemy of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol. The Aquaphibians were often seen pursuing Stingray in mechanical fish-like craft.

The series was the first of the Gerry Anderson saga that made the use of facial expressions on the puppets, instead of just having blinker heads like in Fireball XL5. Facial expressions were later used in Thunderbirds. However, fewer facial expressions were used in Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons, because the heads of the puppets in that series were too small.


WASP PersonnelEdit



  • King Titan of Titanica — Ruthless ruler of the undersea race of the Aquaphibians from Titanica.
  • Surface Agent X-2-Zero — Surface agent who lives on the island of Lemoy, near Marineville, who reports directly to Titan.

Recurring CharactersEdit

Voice CastEdit



Other Media StoriesEdit


  • The Incredible Voyage Of Stingray — a compilation of the installments "Stingray," "Plant Of Doom," "Count Down" and "The Master Plan"
  • Invaders From The Deep — a compilation of the installments "Hostages Of The Deep," "Emergency Marineville," "The Big Gun" and "Deep Heat"

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