Stand By For Action
Season 1, Episode 25
Stand by for action
Original Transmission 27 Mar 1965
Written by Dennis Spooner
Directed by Alan Pattillo
Production Order
Raptures Of The Deep
The Disappearing Ships
Broadcast Order
Treasure Down Below
Pink Ice (episode)

Stand by for Action is the 17th production episode and the 25th broadcast episode for the series Stingray.


A new movie about Stingray and its crew is being produced, however, Troy Tempest, due to mediocre acting, is replaced by Johnny Swoonara, much to Troy's displeasure. However, when it's revealed Titan is funding the picture, and that Troy Tempest is doomed to die, who will be the real hero?

Regular Voice CastEdit

Guest Voice CastEdit



  • The blood effect at the beginning appeared to be achieved by painting a bright red stain on Troy Tempest's uniform; even for the movies, the uniform should have a bullet hole in it.
  • Right after Marty first comes into view at the start of the episode, he drops his copy of the script on the floor. Moments later, it is back on his chair again.

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