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Spectrum is a global peace organisation and armed military force operating from around the world. Spectrum was established on 7 July 2067 and came into operation three days later. Spectrum was formed to relieve some pressure from the World Council, the World Aquanaut Security Patrol and the World Space Patrol.

Spectrum has offices around the world, but all senior agents are permanently stationed on the giant aircraft carrier Cloudbase.

In 2068, Spectrum began to monitor some unusual signals that they traced to Mars. Spectrum sent their most senior agent, Captain Black, along with specialised Zero-X pilots Dean and Conway, to the red planet to track down the mysterious signals. Their search nearly proved fruitless, but over the last ridge the three man crew discovered something that would ultimately change Spectrum, and the world, forever: the Mysterons. Mistaking a camera for a weapon, Captain Black gave the order for the city to be destroyed. However, from a rocky outcrop came a beam, and the whole city was reconstructed in front of their eyes. In revenge for this act of aggression, the Mysterons began a "War of Nerves" with Earth, and possessed Captain Black as their Earth agent.

Cloudbase AgentsEdit

There were originally 16 senior officers stationed on Cloudbase. However, after the discovery of the Mysterons and subsequent events, this number reduced to 14, with the loss of Captain Black and Captain Brown. The number then reduced to 13 after Captain Indigo was murdered. In total, there are 593 Spectrum officers stationed on the carrier.


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  • The Spectrum logo was designed by Tony Dunsterville.
  • The Spectrum jacket was based on Pierre Cardin's Cosmos design.

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