Fireball XL5:
Space Vacation
Season 1, Episode 17
Space vacation
Original Transmission 17 February 1963
Written by Dennis Spooner
Directed by Alan Pattillo
Production Order
Flight To Danger
Mystery Of The TA2
Broadcast Order
Convict In Space
Flight To Danger

Space Vacation is the 22nd produced episode and the 17th Broadcast episode of the series Fireball XL5


Steve Zodiac, Venus and Professor Matic arrive on the beautiful planet Olympus for a holiday. At a birthday party given by Jankel, chief of Olympus, for his son Ergon, his enemy Kanerik, ruler of the dark planet Kemble, poisons the boy and takes Venus hostage back to Kemble. Venus is the only one who can save Ergon, and Jankel forces Steve to rescue her by holding Matic hostage. This he does, but they are only just able to battle through a violent storm to get back to Olympus to administer the antidote.

Regular Voice CastEdit

Guest CastEdit


  • Olympus.
  • Kemble

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