Space Police

Space Police was a Gerry Anderson project (1983) that didn't get beyond the first episode, and eventually was transformed and made as Space Precinct almost a decade later.

Episode One - Star LawsEdit

Lieutenant Brogran warns the planet's President of the possible dangers from V.Lann and his gang. The President decides to travel to Ultraville by monorail. However, Breon the President's aid, has given the security code for the monotrain to V.Lann in exchange for his family's safety.

V.Lann booby-traps the monotrain and delivers an ultimatum, the release of his men or the President dies. Bats, a Space Police officer on the train, discovers the bomb and defuses it. V.Lann has then destroys a rail bridge ahead of the monotrain. The engine accelerates and only in the nick of time is the engine destroyed and the train halted at the edge of the shattered bridge.


  • Lieutenant Chuck Brogan - Shane Rimmer
  • Officer Cathy Costello - Catherine Cevalier
  • Officer Tom - Christine Glanville
  • Voice of Tom -David Healy
  • Officer Harry - Lyn Beardsall
  • Voice of Harry - Kate Harper
  • Officer Dick - Jan King
  • Voice of Dick - Jeff Harding
  • Officer Bats - Tina Werts
  • Voice of Bats - Desiree Erasmus
  • Voice of Slomo - Gary Martin
  • Voice of Victor Lann - Gary Martin
  • Other Voices - Kerry Shale, Tony Sibbald, Ian Tyler and Peter Whitman


  • Produced by: Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr
  • Created and Produced: Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr
  • Written: Gerry Anderson and Tony Barwick
  • Directed: Tony Bell
  • Music: Christopher Burr and Gerry Anderson
  • Visual effects: - Stephen Begg

Space Police GalleryEdit

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