Fireball XL5:
Space Pirates
Season 1, Episode 8
Original Transmission 16 December 1962
Written by Anthony Marriott
Directed by Bill Harris
Production Order
XL5 To H2O
Last Of The Zanadus
Broadcast Order
XL5 To H2O
Flying Zodiac

Space Pirates is the 13th Produced episode and the 8th Broadcast episode of the series Fireball XL5.


Space Pirates, based on the planet Aridan, are holding up freighters from nearby planet Minera. Steve Zodiac plans to take a spacecraft and trick the pirates into thinking it's another helpless freighter. The pirates overhear this and manage to knock Steve out. Robert the Robot is sent back to Space City as proof that they are holding Steve as hostage.

Professor Matic and Venus delivers fresh water supplies to the pirates, but they are drugged. Steve is released, but it was all just a bedtime story told to Jonathan Zero.

Regular Voice CastEdit

Guest Voice CastEdit


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