Fireball XL5:
Space City Special
Season 1, Episode 35
Space City Special
Original Transmission 23 June 1963
Written by Dennis Spooner
Directed by Alan Pattillo
Production Order
A Day In The Life Of a Space General
The Fire Fighters
Broadcast Order
The Fire Fighters
Ghosts Of Space

Space City Special is the 38th produced episode and the 35th Broadcast episode of the series Fireball XL5


Venus is returning to Space City aboard one of the new Supersonic airliners with General Rossiter, Major Todd, the pilot, has been brainwashed by Subterrains and tries to crash the plane. Steve Zodiac and Professor Matic in Fireball Junior manage to talk Venus down, and she is able to land the airliner safely. Back at Space City, Steve is given his award as Astronaut of the Year and Venus and the Professor are given special awards for their bravery.

Regular Voice CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • General George Rossiter - John Bluthal
  • Major Todd - David Graham
  • Johnny Jackson - John Bluthal
  • Subterrain Leader - David Graham
  • 1st Subterrain - John Bluthal
  • 2nd Subterrain - David Graham
  • Airport Control - Paul Maxwell


  • SL6 Supersonic Airliner

Aliens Edit

  • Subterrains


  • The Space City Music Hall Programme catalogue opened by Steve at the end of the episode shows that the episode takes place on June 15th.

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