Shane Rimmer is a Canadian voice actor and scriptwriter, best known for providing the voice of Scott Tracy from Thunderbirds.

Voice ActingEdit


Trapped in the Sky

  • TX 204 Co-Pilot

Pit of Peril

  • Johnny

The Mighty Atom

  • Reactor Control Assistant

Vault of Death

  • Carter

Operation Crash-Dive

  • Radar Operator

Martian Invasion

  • Director of Photography

Terror in New York City

  • Scanners
  • Washington

Captain Scarlet and the MysteronsEdit

Special Assignment

  • Mason

Flight to Atlantica

  • Sergeant


  • Pilot

Joe 90Edit

International Concerto

  • Kelly
  • Clerk
  • Technician

Big Fish

  • Gardner

Business Holiday

  • Colonel Henderson
  • Taxi Driver

Double Agent

  • Radio Control

Most Special Astronaut

  • Kent