The Secret Service:
School For Spies
Season 1, Episode 11
School for spies
Original Transmission 30 November 1969
Written by Donald James
Directed by Ken Turner
Production Order
Hole In One
The Cure
Broadcast Order
The Cure
May-Day, May-Day!

School For Spies is the eleventh episode of British television series The Secret Service.

A gang posing as priests have been responsible for a great deal of sabotage.

Father Stanley Unwin decides to infiltrate the gang, and after succeeding at some difficult tests he is accepted as a member.

His identity is uncovered and he is put on the wrong end of the gang's next sabotage mission, tried up in a motor launch full of explosives which is on a collision course with a nuclear submarine.

Matthew sneaks on board to save him, and with the aid of the police, the gang are captured.

Regular Voice CastEdit

Guest Voice CastEdit

Cameo RolesEdit

Equipment UsedEdit

  • Motor Launch
  • Nuclear submarine


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