Season 1, Episode 1
Original Transmission 28 January 1961
Written by Martin and Hugh Woodhouse
Directed by David Elliot
Edited by Gordon Davie
Production Order
Amazonian Adventure
Broadcast Order
False Alarm

Rescue is the 1st produced episode and the 1st broadcast episode of the British television series Supercar.


While on a plane trip, Jimmy and Bill Gibson crash into the sea, and with rising mists, Supercar is their only chance of rescue.


High up in the sky, a plane is heading to Hudson Field. In the plane are Jimmy and Bill Gibson, and their pet monkey Mitch. Suddenly the plane cuts out, Bill puts out a May Day call, but they crash into the sea below.

Having managed to get into a lifeboat, they wait for the rescue services, who so far have been unable to find them. The sun is setting, the mist is rising and Jimmy’s older brother is in a bad way. Jimmy fears he needs to be taken to hospital. A helicopter passes over them, but as the mist grows it hides them.

Meanwhile in Nevada, Professor Popkiss and Mike Mercury are testing Super Car, it will ready to take off in another seven days. As Dr. Beaker worries over some of Supercar's instruments when they all hear a radio broadcast about the state of Jimmy and Bill, who have still not been found, and the search has been given up.

Mike suggests using Super Car to rescue them, but Prof Popkiss advises against it, until it is thoroughly tested.

Having successfully tested Super Cars ‘clear-view’ function, they decide to use the car to find them. Mike sets off, and he is able to find Jimmy’s boat even in the thick fog.

Jimmy recovers with Mike and Popkiss watching over him, they explain to him about being saved by Supercar. In the end Jimmy, Bill and Mitch all survived thanks to Supercar.


Regular Voice CastEdit

Guest Voice CastEdit


  • This episode, like most of the first episodes of Supermarionation series, has no titlecard.
  • A number of Filming techniques that were subsequently used throughout the series are pioneered here, including the extensive use of back projection in both model and puppet sequences for sea and sky backgrounds.
  • Bill Gibson reappears another four times throughout both seasons: What Goes Up, Deep Seven, Hi-Jack and Space For Mitch.

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