Reflections In The Water is an episode from the UFO television series.


Straker and Foster investigate a mysterious underwater dome, and prepare for a massive UFO attack.

Regular CastEdit

  • Commander Ed Straker - Ed Bishop
  • Colonel Paul Foster - Michael Billington
  • Colonel Virginia Lake - Wanda Ventham
  • Lieutenant Nina Barry - Dolores Mantez
  • Dr. Doug Jackson - Vladek Sheybal
  • Lieutenant Ayshea Johnson - Ayshea Brough
  • Captain Steve Minto - Steven Berkoff
  • Lieutenant Catherine Scott - Anouska Hempel
  • Lieutenant Carol Miller - Andrea Allan
  • SHADO Operative - Maxwell Craig
  • Voice of SID - Mel Oxley

Guest CastEdit

  • Lieutenant James Anderson - James Cosmo
  • Skydiver Captain - David Warbeck
  • Kingston Skipper - Conrad Phillips
  • Skydiver Engineer - Barry Stokes
  • Film Producer - Richard Caldicott
  • Helmsman Ellis - Gordon Sterne
  • Film Director - Keith Bell
  • Insurance Man - Gerald Cross
  • 1st Kingston Seaman - Fredric Abbott
  • Underwater Cameraman - Mark Griffith
  • SHADO Operative Duplicate - George Leech

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