The Secret Service:
Recall To Service
Season 1, Episode 7
Recall to service
Original Transmission 2 November 1969
Written by Pat Dunlop
Directed by Peter Anderson
Production Order
Errand Of Mercy
Hole In One
Broadcast Order
Hole In One
Errand Of Mercy

Father Stanley Unwin is invited to try and prevent a possible sabotage at a demonstration of the Army's latest and most advanced tank and he goes disguised as an Army padre.

As the exercise progresses, it becomes clear to Father Unwin that someone has programmed the tank to attack the blockhouse where top NATO officials are watching. He goes to the control room where he finds that a senior officer has destroyed the computer and the tank can no longer be remote controlled nor stopped from its destructive mission.

Now he must give instructions to Matthew (who he has stowed away in the tank) as to how to stop the machine manually, a difficult task manipulating the heavy controls for the miniaturized gardener.

Regular Voice CastEdit

Guest Voice CastEdit

Cameo RolesEdit

Equipment UsedEdit




Attacking aircraft

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