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Dr. R. G. Korda is a doctor/psychiatrist seen in the Thunderbirds episode Day Of Disaster when the Allington Suspension Bridge Controller turns Brains over to him for talking into a watch.

Fortunately, Lady Penelope comes to 'rescue' Brains by telling Korda that Brains is already being treated by "ten of the best doctors in Europe".


  • Dr Korda appears to have the same taste in décor as the Hood - he has a statue in his office that is identical to the one in the Hood's Temple.
  • Korda is named after the Hungarian film producer and director Sir Alexander Korda, who as the head of London Films, is widely regarded as the saviour of the British film industry in the 1930s and 1940s.
  • This is the same puppet that played Professor Bodman in the episode Sun Probe.