Professor Wingrove

Professor Wingrove

Professor of Space Technology
Family and Known Associates
Bill Craddock (Astronaut)
Frank (Astronaut)
Brains (Friend)
Voiced by

Professor Wingrove is a character from the Thunderbirds episode Day Of Disaster. He appears on television to talk about the Martian Space Probe.


  • The puppet used for Professor Wingrove also appears in the episode The Mighty Atom, where it plays one of the scientists attending Professor Holden's demonstration of his new robotic mouse.
  • His puppet in the Mighty Atom appears to be a parody of the famous German Physicist and Relativity theorist Albert Einstein because he strongly resembles him.
  • It also puts in a cameo in The Duchess Assignment, where it is seen slouching in the lobby of the Gazelle Automations Inc. office building.