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Pod Vehicles are smaller machines used by International Rescue while out on rescue missions. They are carried to the danger zone by Thunderbird 2 in one of six interchangeable pods

Most of the vehicles were designed by Brains for specific rescue situations, though some vehicles were purchased by International Rescue and adapted or upgraded. The pod vehicles were stored within Thunderbird 2's cavernous hangar (as seen in the episode Cry Wolf), or kept on standby within the pods themselves. The only pod that was never used for transporting vehicles is Pod 2 (though it was used to transport a boy back home in Security Hazard, and also holds the Magnetic Pod Grabs seen in End of the Road). Pods 3 and 5 are the most commonly used.

List of Pod VehiclesEdit

Used VehiclesEdit

In order of importance:

Unused vehiclesEdit

International Rescue has a number of other pod vehicles that were seen in the Thunderbirds series, but not seen in active rescue missions.

Pod DevicesEdit

Notable AppearancesEdit

The following list is in Production Order.

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