Place Of Angels is a Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons episode.


Once again, the Mysterons crypic threats make Spectrum believe they are targeting the Angels for a second time, but it isn't actually one of the Angels, it's one of their home cities. Or so Spectrum thinks... A report is received from a biological research station on the outskirts of Manchester, England, regarding the theft of the phial of the K-14 virus. This is a revolutionary and brand new strain that has the capability to kill 10 million people. Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue start a frantic race to find the station's research assistant suspected of the theft, who is the only person to be granted access to it, Judy Chapman. Assessing that the force's target is the Boulder Dam near Los Angeles, the name of which stands for "The Angels", Scarlet places his indestructible life on the line to recover the phial.


  • The script for this episode gives the title as "The City Of Angels".
  • The two bio-hazard helijets previously featured in Thunderbirds Are Go as air sea rescue helicopters.