Move - and You're Dead
Season 1, Episode 20
Move and your dead
Original Transmission February 10, 1966
Written by Alan Pattillo
Directed by Alan Pattillo
Edited by Harry Ledger
Production Order
Danger At Ocean Deep
The Duchess Assignment
Broadcast Order
Operation Crash-Dive
Martian Invasion

Move - and you're dead is the 20th episode broadcast of the Supermarionation series Thunderbirds.


Alan and Grandma are trapped high on the girders of a suspension bridge over the San Miguel River with a sonic wave generator positioned nearby. If either of them makes a move, the sonic wave device will the register the movement and detonate a bomb attached to the underside of the bridge. Alan manages to use his personal intercall wrist communicator to call Tracy Island and Scott, Virgil and Brains set off in Thunderbirds 1 and 2. Grandma faints and in order to keep Alan from passing out too, Jeff makes him explain how they got into this fix. Alan tells how he took part in the Parola Sands Race to test a new engine designed by Brains and fitted into a BR2 racing car. On arrival at Parola Sands, Alan met his friend, engineer Kenny Malone, and an old race track rival, Victor Gomez, but Gomez and his partner Johnnie Gillespie proved to be desperate enough for the prize money and prepared to go to any lengths to win the race...


  • Jeff is is sitting behind his desk when he is first contacted by Alan but in a subsequent shot he is perched on the front of the desk reading a magazine.