The Secret Service:
More Haste Less Speed
Season 1, Episode 13
More haste less speed
Original Transmission 14 December 1969
Written by Bob Keston
Directed by Alan Perry
Production Order
The Cure
Broadcast Order
May-Day, May-Day!

More Haste Less Speed is the thirteenth and final episode of the British television series, The Secret Service.

Lord Edward and Lady Martha Hazlewell have inherited a counterfeit plate from their father, but the location of the second plate is known only to their father's accomplice, Mullins. Unwin and Matthew trail Mullins to Hazlewell Manor and join a frantic chase to retrieve the second plate from an old barn at Greenacre Farm.

Regular Voice CastEdit

Guest Voice CastEdit

Cameo RolesEdit

Equipment UsedEdit

  • Counterfeit plates
  • Tiger Moth biplane



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