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Mike Mercury

Michael Mercury Jr., born the 22nd of November 1930 in Nebraska, is the main hero of the Supermarionation television series Supercar.


Mike loved flying from a very early age and had ample opportunity to study aircraft as his father was a pilot in the United States Air Force. Unfortunately, Mercury Senior was killed in the war and Mike's mother died soon afterwards in a car crash.

To try and get over his loss, young Mike enlisted in the Air Force and attempted to put the tragedy behind him. He rose swiftly through the ranks becoming noted for his fearless flying and his daring exploits.

During the 1950's he transferred to the fledgling Space Programme and trained hard but he felt there was something missing.

A meeting with a certain Professor Popkiss and Dr. Beaker in 1958 at the Air Force Base where he was stationed led to Mike resigning and joining the two scientists at their Nevada laboratory where he helped in the final stages of the design and construction of Supercar.

In the little spare time that he has, he keeps up his interest in flying and tutors Jimmy Gibson.


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