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The Maximum Security Vehicle, also known as the MSV, is an armoured car from the Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons episode The Mysterons.

The car was used in a New York motorcade, to safely transport World President Younger from an unspecified location to the local Maximum Security Building, after the Mysterons threatened to assassinate him.[1]


The MSV is capable of being hermetically sealed in the event of an attack.

Technical dataEdit

Cost: £213,000.
Engines: front and rear 8-cylinder transverse rotary diesel engines.
Height (inc. topside fin): 8½ feet.
Length: 24 feet.
Personal capacity: four (two in control cabin, two in passenger cabin).
Top speed: initially up to 200 m.p.h., design modifications in March 2069 saw increase to 250 m.p.h.
Weight: 8 tons.
Width: 9 feet.[2]



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