The Maximum Security Buildings were a series of high-security buildings used around the world by peace keeping organisation Spectrum. They appeared in the television series Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons, and all of its related comics, prose and audio adventures.

The MysteronsEdit

New York's Maximum Security Building was used in The Mysterons, after the Mysterons had made their threat to assassinate World President Younger.

Travelling from an unspecified location in a Maximum Security Vehicle in a highly guarded motorcade was the World President and Spectrum agent Captain Brown, who later turned out to be a Mysteron duplicate.

Outside the building, on nearby rooftops, and all through the building were heavily armed Spectrum guards.

The first stage of security was screening for any concealed weapons or any items of potential harm. The World President passed this test, but Captain Brown didn't; it later turned out that his cigarette's triggered the alarm system. They were allowed entrance to the Maximum Security Suite.

The lift took the two men down eighteen floors, to the Maximum Security Suite. There, the President would live for "the next few weeks". After joking about three-dimensional chess, the President go to work. After noticing that that Captain Brown was unresponsive, World President Younger pressed a button on his chair that took him to a concealed compartment behind the wall. Moments later, the Maximum Security Building was destroyed.

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