The Secret Service:
Last Train To Bufflers Halt
Season 1, Episode 5
Last train to bufflers halt
Original Transmission 19 October 1969
Written by Tony Barwick
Directed by Alan Perry
Production Order
To Catch A Spy
Errand Of Mercy
Broadcast Order
The Feathered Spies
Hole In One

Last Train To Bufflers Halt is the fifth episode of British television series The Secret Service.

After an attempt by highwaymen to steal a consignment of gold travelling by British Rail, Father Stanley Unwin is engaged to accompany the train.

The bandits, led by traitorous British Rail official, try again, and this time succeed, by diverting the train to a disused station at Bufflers Halt.

While they are waiting for trucks to arrive to carry the gold away, Father Unwin and the miniaturized Matthew outwit the crooks and lock them in a security van.

Regular Voice CastEdit

Guest Voice CastEdit

Cameo RolesEdit

  • Guard Joe
  • Signalman

Equipment UsedEdit

  • Security Van


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