Four Feather Falls:
Season 1, Episode 34
Original Transmission Thursday, October 6th 1960 5:00pm
Written by Mary Cathcart Borer
Directed by Gerry Anderson
Edited by Burt Rule
Production Order
How It Began
Pedro Has a Plan
Broadcast Order
How It Began
Trouble In Yellow Gulch

Kidnapped is the 2nd produced episode and the 34th broadcast episode of the television series Four Feather Falls.


Pedro and Fernando kidnap Doctor Haggerty and hold him for ransom. Unfortunately Makooga is sick and needs the Doctor, so it's up to Tex Tucker to get him back in time to save Makooga.


At Pedro and Fernando’s hideout, they are trying to think of a way to get more money, because they are broke. They can’t rob a bank in Four Feather Falls because of Tex Tucker. They then come up with the plan to kidnap the towns Doctor, Doctor Haggerty.

Doctor Haggerty is strolling around the town, when Fernando goes up to him and tells the Doc that a friend of his has been shot. So Fernando leads Haggerty to his hideout, there Pedro ties him up keeping him hostage!

At Tex office, Kallamakooga has just appeared. He tells Tex that Makooga is sick and he’s needs Doctor Haggerty. Suddenly they hear a thud on the wall. So Tex and Dusty investigate. They find a note pinned to the wall explaining about Doctor Haggerty kidnapping. Tex must bring $5,000 to Red Stone Pass by Midnight or the Doc dies.

Tex, Rocky and Dusty head out to Red Stone Pass. While scouting ahead Dusty has noticed Pedro and Fernando secretly perched above the pass so they can shoot Tex when he comes through. In one quick move, one of Tex’s guns fires causing a large stone to fall on Pedro. In his dazed state Pedro fires at Fernando. Quickly Pedro and Fernando erupt into a big shoot out.

During this Tex manages to reach the two’s hideout where he rescues the Doc. With him save the Doc is able to go to Makooga, making him better.


Regular CastEdit

  • Sheriff Tex Tucker — Nicholas Parsons
  • Rocky — Kenneth Connor
  • Dusty — Kenneth Connor
  • Grandpa Twink — David Graham

Guest Voice CastEdit

  • Kallamakooga — Kenneth Connor
  • Makooya — Denise Bryer
  • Pedro — Kenneth Connor


  • This episode is the first to begins with David Graham's prologue before the main titles.
  • The start of this episode begins with Grandpa Twink referring back to the previous episode (How It Began). It was unwise for this episode to be broadcast as the 34th episode on TV.

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