Keep It Cool
Season 1, Episode 7
Keep it cool
Original Transmission Saturday, March 25th 1961 5:40PM
Written by Martin And Hugh Woodhouse
Directed by Alan Pattillo
Edited by Gordon Davie
Production Order
What Goes Up
Broadcast Order
Jungle Hazard

Keep It Cool is the 6th episode produced and the 7th episode broadcast, of the first series of Supercar.


Dr. Horatio Beaker has created a new fuel and is taking it to their home base in Nevada. However, Masterspy is dead keen to get his hands on it.


At eleven o’clock at night in the Nevada desert, Dr. Beaker is with Jimmy’s brother Bill. They are both in a car and in the back is Dr. Beaker’s new fuel.

His new fuel is highly dangerous, if the temperature outside were to get above zero degrees, then the fuel would explode. That is why they are driving at night.

Unknown to them is that Masterspy and Zarin are watching them. Master Spy knows a small amount about Dr. Beaker’s new fuel, but does not know anything about the temperature problem.

After driving over a small boulder, Dr. Beaker radios the base saying they need a spare battery, as the one in the car will be almost flat. So Mike gets some batteries ready and waits for Dr. Beaker and Bill to turn on their radio so he can home in on the signal.

However, Dr. Beaker and Bill have just been captured by Materspy and Zarin.

After several minutes of not receiving any word from Dr. Beaker or Bill, Mike sets off. Yet, without the radio signals to home on to it will be difficult to find them.

After loading the fuel onto their car, Master Spy and Zarin drive away from the tied up Dr Beaker and Bill. Slowly the sun rises and the fuel explodes.

Mike can see the smoke, from the explosion, which helps him find Dr. Beaker and Bill.


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