New Captain Scarlet:
Instrument of Destruction
Part 2
Season 1, Episode 2
Part 2
Original Transmission February 19th 2005.
Written by Phil Ford
Directed by David Lane
Production Order
Instrument of Destruction - Part 1
Rain Of Terror
Broadcast Order
Instrument Of Destruction - Part 1


The Mysterons resurrect Captain Black, who gains control of a worldwide distribution company and General Zamatev, a Russian military leader. The Mystrons launch an all-out attack against Skybase, whilst they transport enough nuclear material to Siberia to create a bomb large enough to crack the world open. Meanwhile Captain Scarlet, who is now back to normal, must earn Captain Blue's trust as they must work together to stop Captain Black. Destiny Angel, must come to terms with the fact that the man she once loved is now the enemy.


Regular Voice CastEdit

Guest Voice CastEdit

  • General Zamatev - Robbie Stevens
  • Hank McGill - Nigel Plaskitt
  • Agent Avery - Mike Hayley
  • 1st Russian Airman - Mike Hayley
  • 2nd Russian Airman - Robbie Stevens
  • John Bishop - Robbie Stevens

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