Season 1, Episode 1
Original Transmission 16 Sept 1970
Written by Gerry Anderson
Sylvia Anderson
Directed by Gerry Anderson
Production Order
Computer Affair
Broadcast Order

Identified is the first episode from the UFO TV series.


Peter Carlin's sister, Leila, has disappeared after contact with an alien craft. So he is especially pleased when, as a member of SHADO, he uses new equipment to intercept a UFO for the first time. The UFO crashes, and its pilot's body is rushed to hospital , but too late to save him. As soon as the alien's helmet is removed, the face's youthful features are transformed into those of an incredibly aged man, and he dies. But the alien's body holds a terrible secret, many of its organs are human. The aliens, a dying race, are in desperate need of replacement organs from healthy people. They have been finding their hopes of survival on Earth, many light years away, by raids in search of human organs to keep themselves alive. Commander Straker has to break the horrifying news to Captain Carlin - the dead alien has the transplanted heart of his sister.


Regular CastEdit

  • Commander Ed Straker - Ed Bishop
  • Colonel Alec Freeman - George Sewell
  • Colonel Paul Foster - Michael Billington
  • Colonel Virginia Lake - Wanda Ventham
  • Captain Peter Carlin - Peter Gordeno
  • Lieutenant Gay Ellis - Gabrielle Drake
  • Lieutenant Nina Barry - Dolores Mantez
  • Lieutenant Joan Harrington - Antonia Ellis
  • The voice of S.I.D - Mel Oxley
  • General James Henderson - Grant Taylor
  • Captain Lew Waterman - Gary Myers
  • Leiutentent Keith Ford - Keith Alexander
  • Leiutentent Mark Bradley - Harry Baird
  • Doctor Doug Jackson - Vladek Sheybal
  • Miss Ealand - Norma Ronald
  • Lieutenant John Masters - Jon Kelley
  • Lieutenant Gordon Maxwell - Jeremy Wilkin
  • Lieutenant Ayshea Johnson - Ayshea Bough
  • Lieutenant Sylvia Howell - Georgina Moon
  • Dr. Shroeder - Maxwell Shaw
  • SHADO Operative - Maxwell Craig
  • Voice of Voiceprint Identification - Jeremy Wilkin
  • Voice of Lew Waterman - Jeremy Wilkin

Guest CastEdit

  • Cabinet Minster - Basil Dignam
  • Lieutenant Bill Johnson - Shane Rimmer
  • Lieutenant Ken Matthews - Michael Mundell
  • Kurt Mahler - Paul Gillard
  • Phil Wade - Gary Files
  • Doctor Harris - Matthew Robertson
  • Alien - Gito Santana (Old face) Stanley Bray (Young face)
  • Leila Carlin - Edwina Carrol
  • Nurse - Annette Kerr
  • Escort Motorcyclist - Jack Silk
  • Operative Joanna - Shakira Baksh
  • Voice of Joanna - Sylvia Anderson
  • Lieutenant David Worth (Seagull X-Ray Navigator) - Dennis Plenty
  • Lieutenant Geoff Manning - (Seagull X-Ray Engineer) - Robert Case
  • Receptionist Janis - Penny Spencer
  • SHADO Operative - Louisa Rabbaiotti
  • Voice of Stevenson Base Control - Gary Files
  • Voice of Seagull X-Ray Crewmember - Keith Alexander
  • Voice of Skydiver Operative - Gary Files
  • Voice of SHADO Operative - Gary Files
  • Voice of Mayland Hospital Medic - Jeremy Wilkin


  • UFOs
  • Space Interceptors
  • Skydiver 1
  • Sky 1
  • SHADAIR Seagull X-Ray Supersonic Transport Jet
  • Straker's SHADO Car
  • Foster's SHADO Car
  • SHADO Jeeps


  • The voice of Gary Myers (Lew Waterman) is dubbed in this episode by Jeremy Wilkin, but Myers's own voice is heard throughout the rest of the series.

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