Four Feather Falls:
How It Began
Season 1, Episode 1
How it all began
Original Transmission Thursday, February 25th 1960 5:00PM
Written by Mary Cathcart Borer
Directed by Gerry Anderson
Production Order
Broadcast Order
Trouble In Yellow Gulch

How it Began is the 1st produced episode and the 1st broadcast episode of the television series Four Feather Falls.


Grandpa Twink tells the story of how Tex Tucker got his four magical feathers.


At Four Feather Falls, Grandpa Twink is telling Little Jake about how Sheriff Tex Tucker came to Four Feather Falls.

He tells of how Tucker travelled across the desert lands with his two friends Rocky the Horse and Dusky the Dog. They had been travelling for days through the desert; sometime they came across a small Indian boy called Makooya who had become lost.

While they camped for the night they bane to tuck into the last of the food Tucker had on him. Makooya said he would take them to his village and on the way they would come across a waterfall.

The next morning they continued their travel across the hot desert. Once they came to the waterfall, they discovered that the sun had dried up all the water. Once they had travelled as far as they could they settled in for the night.

While Makooya was sleeping he woke to scream out loud, “Kallamakooga”. His scream echoed across the valley. Magically an Indian Chief known as Kallamakooga appeared. He thanked Tex for finding his son and in reward he gave Tex food and water. He also gave him four magic feathers. The first one gave his horse the ability to speak. The second one gave his dog the ability to speak as well. The other two gave him the power to fire his guns without even touching them.

And so with these two feathers he is able to stop villainous people such Pedro from terrorising the town of Four Feather Falls.


Regular CastEdit

  • Sheriff Tex Tucker — Nicholas Parsons
  • Rocky — Kenneth Connor
  • Dusty — Kenneth Connor
  • Grandpa Twink — David Graham
  • Little Jake — Denise Bryer
  • Martha "Ma" Jones — Denise Bryer

Guest Voice CastEdit


  • Unlike other pilot episodes, this one has an on screen title.
  • The title sequence also starts with Kallamakooya instead of David Graham's opening speech.


  • Grandpa Twink never truly explains how Tucker got to the town of Four Feather Falls.

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