The Secret Service:
Hole In One
Season 1, Episode 6
Hole in One
Original Transmission 26 October 1969
Written by Shane Rimmer
Directed by Brian Heard
Production Order
Recall To Service
School For Spies
Broadcast Order
Last Train To Bufflers Halt
Recall To Service

Hole In One is the sixth episode of British television series The Secret Service.

A sabotage team who seem to have access to inside information are methodically preventing every attempt to correct the orbit of an important satellite. With the miniaturised Matthew's help, Father Unwin discovers that a General has unknowingly been giving away the information the saboteurs need on the golf course, his golf balls have been bugged!

A final attempt is to be made to correct the satellite's orbit and the saboteurs must be rendered inoperative.

Father Unwin arranges another golf game with the General, and plans to substitute a golf ball with a gas capsule in it to put to sleep the saboteurs in their underground hide-out. But time is running out and the ball must go into the 15th hole, and it must be a hole in one!

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