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Hawkeye (real name: Hedley Howard Henderson III) is the pilot of the wing section of Hawkwing, the Terrahawks atmospheric fighter aircraft. His voice was provided by Jeremy Hitchen.


  • Name: Lt. Hawkeye.
  • Species: Human male.
  • Birth details: 18th Feb 1998, United States.
  • Nationality: American.
  • Military rank: Lieutenant.
  • Vehicles: Hawkwing (wing section)


  • The son of a well respected politician and a highly skilled athlete.
  • Hawkeye was named Hedley Howard Henderson at birth but an accident in later life resulted in his computer assisted eyesight.
  • This razor sharp vision gave him his current nickname, Hawkeye.
  • The 2016 Olympics saw Hawkeye winning the Gold medal for the Decathlon, he also holds world records in several sports.
  • Hawkeye is a very strong and likeable person who can be relied on.
  • Excelled in pilot training, Early Warning Attack Squadron, UN Combined Air Defence Squad, Task Force Unit Commander, holder of a World Gallantry Medal.