Gordon Tracy

Gordon Tracy is the second youngest of the Tracy brothers, and pilot of Thunderbird 4. Gordon was born on the 14 Febuary 2043, and is twenty-two years old. He was formerly a member of the World Aquananut Security Patrol and the Submarine Service, and as such is a qualified Aquanaut. He is the inventor of an Aqua-lung underwater breathing apparatus, and is an expert oceangrapher. Gordon had a near death experience when he was involved in a speedboat crash at 400 knots, which caused him to remain in hospital for four months.


Gordon is arguably the most destructive of all his brothers, in practically every mission where he pilots Thunderbird 4, he blows something up (see The Mighty Atom, Operation Crash-Dive, Day Of Disaster, and Atlantic Inferno). If he's on foot he will probably have a shoot out with somebody (see Operation Crash-Dive, The Perils Of Penelope, and Attack Of The Alligators!).


Gordon is named after Astronaut Leroy Gordon Cooper, of the Faith 7 Mercury flight.


Gordon is voiced throughout the series by David Graham.