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Expect the Unexpected Part 1
Season 3, Episode 13
Original Transmission July 26th, 1986
Written by Cubby Dreistein
Directed by Desmond Saunders
Production Order
Expect The Unexpected Part 2
Thunder Roar
Broadcast Order
The Sporilla

Gold (styled as Gold) is the 3rd episode produced and the 39th episode broadcast of the television series Terrahawks.


Zelda sends a gigantic gold nugget to Hawknest, but it turns out to be a powerful bomb. In an act of heroism, Tiger Ninestein takes the bomb away from Hawknest, but he is lost in the explosion. Another clone "brother" of Ninestein is sent to take his place.

Regular CastEdit

  • Dr. Tiger Ninestein - Jeremy Hitchen
  • Captain Mary Falconer - Denise Bryer
  • Sergeant Major Zero - Windsor Davies
  • Captain Kate Kestrel - Anne Ridler
  • Lieutenant Hiro - Jeremy Hitchen
  • Lieutenant Hawkeye - Jeremy Hichen
  • Space Sergeant 101 - Ben Stevens
  • Hudson - Ben Stevens
  • Zelda - Denise Bryer
  • Yung-Star - Ben Stevens
  • Cy-Star - Anne Ridler
  • Zeroid 21

Guest Voice CastEdit

  • TIM - Ben Stevens


  • Gold was written to prove Ninestein's relative invulnerability; if he dies, another clone can take his place. Although alluded in Expect the Unexpected, this is the first and final demonstration of this fact.
  • Due to the fact that the main hero was lost, Gold was placed last in the broadcast order as a season finale.