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Four Feather Falls was a marionette show which used an unusual combination of the western and fantasy genres. The show follows the adventures of Tex Tucker the Sheriff of Four Feather Falls.

Regular CastEdit

  • Sheriff Tex Tucker - Nicholas Parsons (speaking) & Michael Holliday (singing)
  • Rocky - Kenneth Connor
  • Dusty - Kenneth Connor
  • Grandpa Ebenezer Twink - David Graham
  • Little Jake - Denise Bryer
  • Martha 'Ma' Jones - Denise Bryer
  • Marvin Jackson - Kenneth Connor
  • Dan Morse - Nicholas Parsons
  • Doc Haggerty - Kenneth Connor
  • Slim Jim Denison - Kenneth Connor
  • Makooya - Denise Bryer
  • Chief Kallamakooya - Kenneth Connor
  • Pedro - Kenneth Connor
  • Fernando - David Graham
  • Big Ben - David Graham
  • Red Scalp - David Graham


Cultural ReferencesEdit

Some fans believe that Four Feather Falls was the inspiration for the fictional show Woody's Roundup which featured in the 1999 film Toy Story 2. Like Four Feather Falls, Woody's Roundup was a marionette show which was cancelled in favour of space shows, the former being succeeded by Supercar and Fireball XL5, the latter by the fictional Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. A connection is also suggested by the fact that the protagonists in Supercar and XL5 are named in the same style as the equivalent character from Toy Story; Mike Mercury and Steve Zodiac compared with Buzz Lightyear.


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